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  • Still need to contact us?
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    Send us your comments.
  • Where can I obtain nutritional information?
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    TGI FridaysSM Restaurants understands that our guests have many different nutritional desires. The selected nutritional information we provide is listed on our menu in restaurants or at We do not provide ingredient statements. As our guest we know you expect our high standards in innovation, choice and value. Watch our online menu as we continue to expand our menu offerings.
  • Do you provide recipes?
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    We consider our recipes confidential and proprietary information and do not disclose them. However, from time to time you may notice beverage or specialty item recipes on our website. Selected drink recipes may be found at Please review our statement on Responsible Drinking. We appreciate your interest in our menu selections, and hope you'll visit a TGI FridaysSM restaurant to enjoy our signature flavors.
  • What if I need a donation and sponsorship?
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    TGI FridaysSM restaurants are committed to giving back to the communities in which we do business and therefore have chosen to support organizations that focus on diversity, education, youth and hunger. TGI FridaysSM will not provide donations to the following:
    • Individuals seeking aid
    • Organizations lacking proof of 501(c)(3) status
    • Sports teams or sponsorship
    • Conferences or seminars
    • Research projects
    • Travel for individuals or groups
    If you have a local donation request or are seeking community involvement, and are not excluded by the above guidelines, you should contact the General Manager of your local TGI FridaysSM restaurant. The decision to make a donation is at the discretion of each General Manager. Note: TGI FridaysSM restaurants are not authorized to make cash donations.
  • Student and Company Information?
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    TGI FridaysSM is a privately owned company and therefore offers a variety of information, all of which is listed on our website. Check out the Media Room for specific information.