At Fridays, we are committed to working with our vendor partners across our entire supply chain to make improvements. This goes beyond chicken and includes our use of seafood, pork, and beef.

We continue to work closely with our suppliers to identify improved and more humane methods of raising and processing chickens. With our suppliers and the help of others in the market, our goal is to achieve the following by 2024:

  • Source only chicken breeds that are approved by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) as having higher welfare outcomes;
  • Source only chickens that are given improved space allocations, per GAP’s standards;
  •  Ensure all chickens sourced have an improved environment, including litter, lighting and enrichment, per GAP’s standards; and
  • Source only chickens that are more humanely processed, through a multi-step, controlled-atmosphere system.

We will ensure our suppliers are in compliance with this commitment via third-party auditing. TGI Fridays has also committed to purchasing 100% cage-free eggs by 2025 and we are working toward that goal by ensuring that at least 10% of the egg supply within our supply chain (both shell and liquid/ingredient) is cage-free by the end of 2017.

Our commitment to responsibility also extends to ingredient integrity and clean label enhancements. We are reviewing all our ingredients and are removing/avoiding ingredients with added MSG or artificial trans fats. We continue to review each ingredient in our recipes with the goal of removing artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. This is in conjunction with our efforts to reduce sodium on our menu items.

Change will not occur overnight. We are on a sustained journey to provide the best products for our guests by working closely with our suppliers to source safe, sustainable, high-quality ingredients from farms, fields and oceans.